Unlock Your Company's Internal Knowledge Through AI

Docket is your virtual sales engineer that learns from tribal knowledge from across your company and equips all your go-to-market teams with critical answers at every stage of a complex deal.

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Integrates with 100+
knowledge sources, seamlessly

All the questions asked by your buyers have been asked and answered before. They live in multiple Slack channels, unshared drives, PRD documents and recorded meetings, consolidate these knowledge sources to manage in one place through Docket.

Clones your best sales engineers

Docket knows what your best sales engineers know, it combines that knowledge with all the other knowledge from within your enterprise to help sellers deliver real-time prospect Q&A assistance without the need of a sales engineer. Whether in Slack, in browser or on a Zoom call, Docket fits neatly into your sales workflows.

Puts your enablement program on autopilot

Say goodbye to unused one-pagers and endless enablement meetings. Docket is an expert in competitive intelligence, product features, technical datasheets, objection handling, business outcomes and more. We ensure the latest content created by PMM / enablement teams, is found and used just-in-time by sales,  to ensure deals move forward.

Fill out RFPs and

Tackle RFPs, RFIs and Security Questionnaires without spending weeks. Docket will read the RFPs/RFIs and draft the answers using knowledge of your subject matter experts and past references.

Refine strategy with actionable analytics

Monitor frontline discussions to understand prevalent topics and questions, pinpoint deal blockers, identify product pain points through customer feedback, and assess the performance of GTM team members to prioritize support efforts.

Docket isn’t your average GPT

Deploying an LLM (large language model) may yield you answers, but not accurate ones. LLMs tend to HALLUCINATE. Docket is different, it’s built ground up to ensure precision by grounding facts within your company.

Galaxy architecture powers precise responses

Docket's multiple-model Galaxy Architecture employs dedicated AI models for retrieving, analyzing, and selecting answers. Galaxy excels in fetching answers from optimal sources, scrutinizing various knowledge repositories like Slack, Drive, Highspot, etc., and ultimately determining the most fitting response to deliver.

Human verification and reinforced learning

Docket identifies the most popular questions that move deals forward by analyzing historical data. It proactively seeks human verification for questions and answers ensuring the majority of answers are vetted by the right people.

Docket enhances its responses based on your interaction with it. Offering a thumbs up or thumbs down enables Docket to refine its performance. Additionally, if Docket finds its responses being used in emails or during Zoom calls, it interprets this as a positive signal, allowing it to optimize its assistance.

Dedicated AI intelligence team

Our dedicated intelligence team meticulously tracks advancements in AI models, ensuring that only the most impactful improvements are seamlessly integrated into Docket. Our commitment guarantees you a sustained high level of accuracy.

Enterprise ready generative AI

Docket was designed with enterprise in mind, to protect your company’s data and deliver the services we promise. We follow the principle of least privilege. Your security team can customize which apps, databases, folders, channels and users Docket learns from. Also, our LLMs don’t train on any of your data.