Unlock Instant Access to
Your Enablement Content

Your reps can chat with Docket, ask complex questions and get the answers (based on assets inside Seismic), right when they need them.

What is Seismic?

Seismic is one of the top platforms for sales enablement, making it easy for GTM teams to organize, store, and find their assets.

Simplify access to Seismic with Docket

Seismic is packed with assets

But, memorizing everything is impossible. Your reps often find themselves in a search scramble, especially during key sales moments.

Docket grants you instant access

Docket brings Seismic's wisdom at your fingertips. This way, your reps can sell with confidence, finding info as they go, without the search chaos.

Augmented with other knowledge sources

How does Docket work?

Reps can easily pose questions in a Slack channel
Docket understands the question, finds relevant insights and responds with the best answer and references—in the same thread.
Docket takes ~10 seconds to answer even the most complex questions and saves a ton of time so your reps can focus on selling.
Docket checks if the content is up-to date, verifies the author's expertise, to make sure your reps find the best answers in seconds.

Long story short

Reps save time

No more digging inside documents or slack threads—answers come to you

Effortless enablement

Skip ad hoc queries—Docket delivers sales insights on cue to your reps

Drive more revenue

Increase sales efficiency, shorten sales cycles and win more deals

Data sharing between
Docket and Seismic

Docket securely integrates with Seismic. We do not train on your data nor do we share any information with third parties.

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