We’re committed to protecting all your data, ethically.

It takes a lot of trust to share your business-critical data to an external party. We understand and respect that. Be assured, at Docket — maintain the highest global standards for data protection and adhere to Ethical AI Principles.

Access Docket’s security posture, audit reports, policies and controls

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Docket’s 5 Data

We have the unbreakable rules of data protection as a
foundational layer.

Docket will access mutually agreed data only to service our customers
Docket uses a combination of our own internal models and OpenAI for the delivery of service
Docket’s model will not learn from or share customer data across instances
Additional information will not be fetched to enrich users’ personal information or to identify additional information about an individual
Docket is by-default opted out of sharing system information even in the pseudonymized or anonymized form

Adhering Ethical
AI Principles

We believe and adhere to the ethical AI principles, namely

  • AI should be used for good
  • AI should prevent bias and discrimination
  • AI should be safe and reliable
  • People should be in control of AI
  • AI should be transparent and accountable

The standard in data security

Your data's privacy and security are top priorities for us at Docket. We adhere to the highest global standards for data handling, follow best practices, and comply with strict data transfer laws. Docket is SOC 2 Type 1 certified and is going through Soc 2 Type 2 audit along with ISO 20017 and GDPR.

Restrict data access with internal controls

In today's remote work world, controlling access to your data is even more crucial. Docket offers tools to ensure you have all the access controls for your data. The role-based access control helps you restrict Docket’s responses to adhere to your organization's data access hierarchy.