Docket is your AI Sales Engineer

Docket learns from tribal knowledge from across your company and equips all your GTM teams with critical answers right when they need it.

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Docket is different

Docket does not offer an intranet or a wiki
Yes, we don’t have them. Why? Because Docket doesn’t do too many things for too many teams. It serves only the GTM teams in your organization by giving them answers to questions that help them close deals, when they need the answers the most.

Purpose-built for GTM teams
Docket’s LLM models are trained to mimic the best sales engineer you can hire. It understands your product, features, competitors, use cases, and value propositions. Hence, it gives answers that help your AEs close deals faster.  

Automated learning from ‘everywhere’
Docket learns everything automatically. All the unstructured data across Slack, MS Teams, call recordings, knowledge base, product documentation, sales enablement tools, and more — digested to give out answers so precise, you can risk your deals on them.

Works with your existing Sales Enablement stack
Docket is friendly with all the software you already use. It doesn’t arm-twist you into getting all your assets duplicated. Rather, it understands all preloaded assets and makes information accessible to the sales team promptly.

Empowering Teams with Instant Knowledge
Product marketing teams are constantly being riddled with asks about competitors, the market, the product features,  assets that are available. It is VERY time consuming and distracting to address all of these questions ad hoc - especially as they are often posed with urgency, while the conversation with a customer is taking place. Docket solves this problem in a way that is intuitive and  familiar - conversationally and on demand, amplifying the hard work of the product marketing team and making critical information accessible to everyone in real time within the digital channels they use day-to-day.
Ruth Zive
CMO, Liveperson
Fast-Tracked RFPs, Accurate Answers: This Is What the Future Looks Like
When they first saw it, someone literally exclaimed, "I can't actually believe what I'm seeing"RFPs play a big part in our sales process at Pathify, demanding a lot of time and effort from multiple teams. Our team was thrilled to discover Docket. When they first saw it, someone literally exclaimed, "I can't actually believe what I'm seeing". 

They jumped right in and began using it. Within minutes, they were getting (and confirming) answers to tricky questions. Docket delivers answers clearly and directly. This is what the future looks like.
Matt Hammond
CRO, Pathify
My Team Got Up to Speed in Just a Few Hours.
Sales Enablement tools have an unusually long implementation time, and I hate that. But with Docket, it's been an absolute breeze. My team got up to speed in just a few hours. 

It's not just the product itself that has me excited, but the future plans too. Arjun, the CEO, gave me a sneak peek at the roadmap and designs. I'm really looking forward to trying out some of those features as well!
Krati Seth
Head of Global Sales Enablement, Whatfix
Ramping Up Reps, Rapidly: From New to Expert, Effortlessly
Machintel offers a wide range of intelligent campaign management and execution services, from pure lead gen, to content creation, to being a data provider, and more. This makes it hard for new sales team members to know and confidentially pitch our offerings right off the bat. That's where Docket has made a huge difference for us.

I was struck by how quickly we could get new sales people up to speed on both our service offerings as well as industry knowledge with the accurate answers that Docket provides. With that said, finding a vendor that truly listens to our needs and actually executes on them has been a godsend. I am sure we will be working with them for years to come.
Henson Gawliu
EVP & CMO, MachIntel
Our Salespeople now have all the information they need to advance deals
As a salesperson, keeping up with all the questions about our products and the competition was a real headache. We were always in a rush, searching for answers, even while talking to customers.

Docket has totally changed the game. It's as simple as messaging a coworker on Slack. Now, we instantly have all the information we need, saving us from hours of searching just to advance our deals.
Eleanor Dorfman
Head of Sales, Retool
RFP Questions

Docket is more

Fill out RFPs and RFIs — Automagically
Tackle RFPs, RFIs, and security questionnaires without spending weeks on them. Docket will read the RFPs/ RFIs and fill them up, much like your best sales engineer would.

Human-verified responses and pre-loaded sales scripts
When a human verifies a Docket response as it is or with minor edits, we save it as human-verified. This exact response will then be used for similar future questions rather than creating a new one. It’s a great way to democratize sales scripts.

Put your enablement program on autopilot
Say goodbye to unused one-pagers and endless enablement meetings. Docket is an expert in competitive intelligence, product features, technical datasheets, objection handling, business outcomes and more. We ensure the latest content created by PMM / enablement teams, is found and used just-in-time by sales, to ensure deals move forward.