Modern prospects are well-informed and conduct extensive research before interacting with a seller. Sales professionals must be prepared for these evolving buyer behaviors.

That’s what sales enablement aims to achieve.

And if you’ve been using Tribble to handle sales enablement and are looking for a better alternative, this post is for you.

We’ll discuss the 9 best Tribble alternatives: Docket AI, Showpad, Highspot, Glean, Getguru, Klutch, Kipwise, Tettra, and Gong.

Why do you need a Tribble alternative for sales enablement? 

Sales enablement is about improving, accelerating, and making sales processes more efficient. So, let’s find out how sales enablement tools can support this development before exploring Tribble’s downsides:

Enhanced content management 

Content assets, such as sales training materials like sales decks, blogs, and demo scripts, play a significant role in sales enablement. 

So, digital content management is the precursor of efficient sales enablement, which most top sales enablement tools handle via a centralized sales repository. 

Improved sales training

Sales enablement tools include interactive training tools and programs for educating your team. This way, they are well-equipped to tackle objections and enhance their sales skills. 

More data-driven insights 

Data-driven sales enablement teams are more confident in reporting results and proving ROI. Enablement tools offer ways to track sales content and strategy performance so sales leaders can make data-backed business decisions. 

Better inter-team collaboration

Most enterprise sales leaders believe that marketing teams supporting sales see better results by ensuring sales always have access to the right message aligned to the buyer’s journey. Sales enablement tools make this happen with real-time collaboration.

Personalized customer experiences 

Today’s customers need personalized experiences from their first touchpoint with a salesperson. And sales enablement tools can store a wealth of sales content and customize it to make prospect outreach more personal and relevant.

Higher productivity 

Sales enablement tools automate time-consuming administrative tasks, such as filling out RFPs, taking meeting notes, managing customer data, and more. As a result, sales reps can experience better productivity by focusing on selling rather than manual tasks.

Competitive edge

It’s easy to fall behind the competition if your sales reps are unaware of industry trends, such as advancements in AI-led sales tools and social selling changes. However, a robust sales enablement platform that equips them with the right best practices can help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Improved customer engagement 

The right sales enablement tool ensures that you approach a prospect with the right content at the perfect time, thus improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

But why look for a Tribble alternative?

1. Integration complexity 

Depending on your current tool stack, integrating Tribble with your current workflows, tools, and data sources can be complex and time-consuming.

2. Significant learning curve  

New users may find it challenging to adapt to Tribble’s functionalities, especially if they’re used to different, simpler tools.

3. Expensive 

Small businesses with a tight budget may find Tribble’s pricing plans more expensive than other alternatives.

4. Heavy dependence on AI 

Tribble relies heavily on AI, especially for tasks like RFP responses, which increases the risk of data inaccuracies and less personalized outputs. 

9 Tribble alternatives for sales enablement 

Since you’re now aware of what to look for in an effective sales enablement tool, let’s explore the best Tribble alternatives:

1. Docket AI


Docket is an AI digital sales engineer who learns from over 100 of your knowledge sources like Slack conversations, call recordings, knowledge base, product documentation, sales enablement tools, and more.

Docket is for every high-performing GTM team looking to scale in less time. Interacting with Docket requires no training and is as easy as using ChatGPT. 

All you need for assistance is following a question with “@Docket” via Slack or Microsoft Teams for answers. Your questions can range from customer details to products and sales-related queries. 


  • Answers deeply technical complex queries posed by your prospects and customers

  • Supports answering RFPs, RFIs, and InfoSec documents in seconds, thus saving hours of manual effort

  • Creates sales collateral from scratch in just a few minutes and shares existing collateral without manual search

  • Unlike Tribble, Docket has no learning curve. 

  • Helps build product knowledge assets valuable for quick onboarding of new team members or prepping GTM teams for upcoming product launches 

  • Understanding and generating answers that mimic your top-performing AEs, sales engineers, and SDRs

  • Seamlessly integrates with your current tool stack 

  • Ensures quick access to content

  • Docket understands different languages and answers them in the same language if required. 


Docket provides more value to its users than Tribble. It is built for large and high-performing sales teams who use myriads to have tools to accelerate their sales processes. 

This wouldn't be a con, but Docket is most useful when using multiple GTM tools, having a large sales and marketing function, and more. 

2. Showpad 


Showpad is an extensive software solution for seller effectiveness, buyer engagement, and sales enablement. Showpad for sales enablement (eOS) helps sellers perform better with a tailored program that contains self-training guides, pitch practice, and live workshops.


  • Engagement and seller insights to pinpoint and promote deal-winning practices

  • Quicker onboarding by reducing the sales rep onboarding time by approximately 2.5 weeks

  • Easy set up of automated learning paths to encourage continuous learning


  • Lacks a chat feature in shared spaces for better team collaboration

  • Most users complained of frequent technical glitches and slow loading times

3. Highspot


Highspot is a sales enablement platform that helps sales reps access the right content and prepares them for every sales scenario with sales playbooks. You can track several learning KPIs to ensure sales reps actively close their skill gaps.


  • In-context content recommendations, such as email templates, buyer-persona messaging, sales plays, and playbooks

  • Organize custom sales coaching sessions that align with sales reps’ strengths and weaknesses

  • Data-driven insights for thorough visibility into the customer journey and a full picture of the revenue impact of sales strategies 

The cons

  • Slight learning curve due to the various analytics options present 

  • Scattered internal content can make management and implementation on Highspot time-consuming

4.  Glean


Glean is a leading enterprise sales enablement platform that offers a centralized space for teams to run searches and receive highly personalized answers by searching across company data. 

It leverages the power of AI by extracting and synthesizing information across disparate company sources in seconds, thus making GTM teams more productive.


  • Glean’s answers are secure, permissions-aware, and referenceable to sources 

  • With Glean Apps and APIs, you can create no-code Gen-AI assistants and chatbots to support sales teams

  • Searches run through company wikis, Slack messages, company docs, and more


  • It can sometimes be challenging to comb through more complex search results

  • Glean’s searches through Slack conversations are often less helpful

5. Getguru


Guru is a collaborative knowledge management platform for internal teams looking for a single source of truth for accurate answers. It connects with all your tools and workflows so your teams can search the company’s collective knowledge and get instant answers.


  • Recommends tailored sales collateral for prospect conversations based on their histories

  • Timely competitive intel, real-time contact lookup, and customized demo scripts to improve sales rep efficiency 

  • Companies using Guru saw a 30% decline in internal chat noise with its AI answers feature


  • Multiple users complain of search functionality issues, such as certain keywords not fetching the right resources

  • Slight learning curve for new users adjusting to its interface and integrations

6. Klutch 


Klutch is a knowledge management tool to help your teams get correct answers with accessible canned responses. Your sales teams can install Klutch as an extension on their Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers for quicker data acquisition while using messaging apps and other sales platforms.


  • Klutch helps multiple teams collaborate with each other on the app. For example, update their plans and strategies to keep everyone on the same page

  • Customized keyboard shortcuts for sending quotes, meeting links, company info, etc., can improve team productivity

  • Enables quicker onboarding


  • Lack of analytics to assess sales team performance 

  • Not a full-fledged sales enablement platform

  • Potential security concerns as it’s a browser extension

7. Kipwise


The Kipwise Chrome extension is another knowledge management solution for sales teams. It integrates with Slack, Google Drive, and other collaboration platforms, so your teams can build their product knowledge base through everyday conversations. 


  • A simple sales enablement solution with AI suggestions and insights to identify areas where your sales reps need more training

  • Easy to use and integrates well with apps like Slack

  • Documented FAQs can be turned into a searchable knowledge base to keep sales teams up to date with changes


  • Potential security concerns as it’s a browser extension

  • The UI/UX could use some improvement 

8. Tettra


Tettra is an AI-powered wiki and product knowledge management tool. Using Tettra, your teams can get answers to repetitive questions on Slack or MS Teams immediately. The AI assistant, Kai, helps teams manage, curate, and distribute critical company and product knowledge to cap wasted time.


  • Unlike Tribble, Tettra is not heavily dependent on AI and instead plugs into your team’s internal workflows to provide accurate responses

  • A Q&A feature that gathers SME responses and uses them for future references 

  • Tettra’s simple editor guides you in building a knowledge base within the tool


  • The UI could be more intuitive

  • Expensive for smaller businesses

  • Lacks flexible document formatting 

9. Gong


Gong is a leading revenue intelligence and sales enablement platform that captures customer interactions to deliver insights for better decision-making. It integrates with your internal tool stack to eliminate manual sales rep tasks and make room for deal-closing activities.


  • Boosts transparency in sales conversations for improved coaching

  • Track coaching program success and get complete visibility into reps’ topic knowledge and behaviors

  • Call intelligence to get insights into what sales strategies are working well and the ones that aren’t 


  • Can be expensive for smaller teams and startup companies

  • Some users found a few inconsistencies with the call transcription feature 

Wrapping up

A good sales enablement tool helps you track content usage and optimize content for better win rates. It’s a must-have to shape sellers with winning skills, conversations, and behaviors. 

Opt for one that uses recent technological advancements like AI and data analytics for a competitive edge.

Give Docket AI a try.

Book a demo.