The traditional linear sales process no longer exists. Today’s B2B buyers enter or re-enter the sales funnel at different stages.

Plus, every decision-maker has their preference, leading to varying sales processes and sales professionals on the run to adapt quickly.

That’s where AI sales assistant tools can help with data entry, sentiment analysis, outreach, automated chat, and more.  

This post explores the 11 best AI sales assistant tools every salesperson needs to add to their workflows. 

Before that, let’s brush up on the top qualifiers to spot the best AI sales assistant. 

Parameters to look for and what purpose the AI sales assistant should serve 

Six parameters that your chosen AI sales assistants must fulfill:

1. Provides quick product or sales insights

The AI sales assistant must analyze customer/prospect data and interactions, customer feedback, and sales performance to offer real-time sales and product insights. For example, insights on the best copywriting techniques for outreach. 

These insights can prepare sales reps to handle prospect calls better and work on their skill gaps. Sales leaders, too, can access AI insights to improve overall sales efficiency.

2. Procures the right sales enablement assets or creates new ones with AI guidance

The AI tool should make procuring or creating valuable sales enablement assets like training materials, pre-made outreach templates, and sales scripts easier. 

For example, Generative AI finds patterns in customer interactions and enables teams to train better on objection handling or addressing queries in less time. 

3. Seamlessly integrates with your internal tech stack 

The AI sales assistant must integrate with various tools and tech in your organization so you can rely on it to provide accurate answers and insights based on up-to-date resources. 

For example, a GenAI-based digital sales assistant that integrates with your knowledge sources and sales enablement tools to sync data and generate precise answers. 

4. Quickly fills sales formalities and relieves sales teams from such administrative tasks

Be it filling RFPs, Infosec, or RFI documentation or generating agreements, sales proposals, and terms and conditions—an AI sales assistant must be able to handle these administrative tasks and ensure each document is compliant.

5. Helps you ramp up faster 

Check for the AI tool’s generative capabilities and intuitive Q&A interface. These are perfect for onboarding team members and helping them ramp up the sales campaigns and processes, faster. 

6. Highly secure 

Ensure the AI tools adhere to ethical data usage protocols. And since you’re sharing business-critical data, the AI assistant should comply with global data security standards, such as GDPR, ISO 20017, SOC 2, and more.

Best AI sales assistant tools we recommend 

Here’s our top-recommended list of AI sales assistant tools you should try:

1. Docket

Docket is an AI-led digital sales assistant that answers critical questions about your product, organization, and sales process in just a few seconds on the platform or via communication tools like Slack or Teams. 

With Docket, your customer-facing sales reps will have a virtual assistant at their beck and call to answer critical questions and complex queries.  

Docket Sales Assistant

Key benefits:

  • Docket trains on 100+ knowledge sources and integrates with Gong, Slack, Teams (Comms tools), the Collaboration suite GSuite, Sharepoint, KBs, Confluence, traditional sources PDFs, URLs, etc., sales enablement platforms Highspot, Showpad, Seismic, and more to provide answers and assets. 
  • 95%+ accurate answers to complex queries in under 5 seconds so the sales rep can move the prospect to the successive sales funnel stage.
  • Follows ethical AI principles to avoid bias and discrimination while encouraging AI for safe, reliable, and people-controlled use.

2. My AI Front Desk

As the name suggests, My AI Front Desk is an AI-powered prospect-handling tool for small businesses. It can automate appointment scheduling, call reminders, and Q&As over the phone. 
Sales teams and managers can access the tool’s analytics, such as call transcripts, text histories, total users converted, etc., right on the dashboard. 
Key benefits:
  • Handles sales inquiries 24/7 and routes complex queries to a human sales rep.
  • The tool is customizable for each use case. For example, you can integrate it with Calendly to send prospects a meeting scheduling link for a product demo.
  • Responds to users via phone or text.


Most sales reps are forced to take endless notes between calls. However, with a meeting assistant AI tool like Meetgeek, sales teams can automate this task and save time.
Meetgeek uses AI to auto-record video calls, transcribe, and analyze them to spot trends and improvements.

Key benefits:

  • Creates meeting highlights and converts them into shareable notes for Slack, Trello, or Notion.
  • The AI Meeting Minutes feature transforms long sales meetings into bite-sized portions for a quick walkthrough and can auto-tag action items.
  • Integrates with top platforms like CRMs, collaboration tools, task management apps, and more.


Gong’s customer-centric, Generative AI models are built on high-quality sales data. These customizable AI models give you critical insights from customer interactions, so your sales reps can spend less time re-listening to recorded calls and more time acting on key information.

Key benefits:

  • AI-powered deal warnings to quickly resolve deal risks and strengthen the sales pipeline 
  • Analyzes phone and video call conversations 
  • Smart Trackers train Gong’s AI to pinpoint crucial concepts across customer conversations 

5. Clay

Clay’s AI features help sales reps generate “human-like” outreach messages and emails. Clay integrates with ChatGPT to create a personalized outreach campaign, and target leads more precisely. 

Key benefits:

  • ChatGPT with Clay helps sales teams filter and target leads based on particular criteria
  • The AI email builder offers templates for cold outreach
  • The AI web scraper scrapes prospects’ data from websites

6. Lavender 

Lavender is an AI-powered sales email assistant tool that improves email response and conversion rates through strategic email copy and suggestions. It’s simple to use and easily integrates with multiple sales platforms.

Key benefits:

  • Email sentiment analysis to understand and categor prospects’ tone and intent.​
  • Tracks email performance data and offers suggestions
  • Personalization Assistant researches recipients and provides insights 

7. is a GenAI platform that assists sales teams by automating outbound sales processes, such as booking sales meetings, finding contacts based on ICP, generating AI prompts for outreach messages, and more.


Key benefits:

  • Uses intent data to prioritize hyper-relevant outreach to targeted prospects
  • AI sales email generator engages buyers until a meeting is booked
  • Generates LinkedIn connection and InMail messages to reach targeted B2B buyers
  • Saves time list building by auto-discovering target audience 

8. Apollo AI

Apollo AI is one of the world’s largest B2B databases, with over 250M+ verified contacts and 73M companies. It is also the first AI sales assistant to run on a database. It saves reps time searching for prospects’ valid emails or phone numbers. 

Apollo also scores prospects based on behavior and customer fit, so your outbound campaigns fetch the highest ROI.

Key benefits:

  • Easy contact filtering to find the right decision-makers at companies
  • Saves sales reps time with accurate data enrichment before outreach
  • AI personalization offers email writing suggestions based on industry and other data points
9. is a GenAI meeting assistant for sales. It automates note-taking and summarizing sales calls by auto-joining Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams calls, thus saving time and reducing human errors. 

Key benefits:

  • OtterPilot for Sales auto-extracts sales insights and writes follow-up emails based on the sales calls
  • Captures and assigns meeting action items
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and web apps
  • Otter AI Chat generates answers to common queries and content for emails and status updates
10. CoPilot AI
CoPilot is an AI sales assistant that automates data entry, reply prediction, and sentiment analysis. It streamlines sales team workflows by simplifying meeting management and analyzing buyers’ LinkedIn profiles to tailor messages. 

Key benefits:

  • Smart Reply AI generates contextual LinkedIn messages by analyzing the rep’s conversation history 
  • Book more meetings by identifying high-intent prospects with CoPilot’s Sentiment Analysis AI
  • LinkedIn lead prioritization using the Lead Scoring AI so teams can reach out to sales-ready prospects at the right time
11. ChatGPT
Last but not least, ChatGPT by Open AI is the best free AI assistant tool for sales teams. It can have human-like conversations based on prompts and offer suggestions to improve sales messaging.

For example, sales teams can save time by using ChatGPT to generate outreach messages and call scripts by entering the right criteria, like so:

Key benefits:

  • Free of cost and no learning curve 
  • It can be used for multiple sales use cases
  • Integrates with other sales assistant and enablement tools like Clay, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more

Wrapping up – How to select the best AI sales assistant tool 

Choose the AI sales assistant that’s right for your use case by mixing and matching capabilities and carefully evaluating the options below:
  • Does it integrate with your internal tool stack?
  • Does it align with your data security requirements and local standards?
  • Is it easy to use and beginner-friendly?
  • Does it match the specific needs of your sales team?
If you’re new to AI or want to explore a simple digital sales assistant, try Docket. It’s a highly secure tool that shadows your sales and GTM teams by giving accurate answers to complex queries in seconds.